Monday, 30 November 2015

Title: Sea rips
Author: Tommy irimana

Have you ever noticed that your swimming and you get dragged away from shore. That is called a "rip" a current that pulls you away from shore.

Rips happen in the ocean. it start's off as pulling you into the neck of the rip. if you notice your heading left or right away from mum or dad stand up and walk back in site of mum.

If you don't notice you could be pulled out maybe several hundred meter's away from shore. When you do swim to the side of the neck and swim back to shore.

Also be sure of carrying an object that will allow you to float in case you don't know how to swim or other ways float on your back and kick to the nearest Island.

If caught in a rip "DON'T PANIC" let the rip carry you out and then make your way back.